Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Coldplay rocked the house

Photos above are courtesy of Coldplay Message Board member "MV")

I know I'm a few days late, but the high is still wearing off from the show Chris and the rest of the guys put on the other day at the Q. I wasn't a huge fan of the opening act, but was pleasantly surprised at how good of a live show Coldplay delivers. If you have any doubt that Chris Martin is charismatic enough to be a lead singer I think you definitely need to see him in concert. He more than held his own. If not for what I thought was a poor sound system in the arena (the music was so loud the speakers actually cracked and distorted at times) and the teenie boppers sitting in front of me who took self-portraits with their flash cameras throughout the whole damn show, this would have been the perfect live-act. Expand the post to check out pics, the setlist, and even a video from the night.


1. Square One

2. Politik

3. Yellow

4. Speed of Sound

5. God Put a Smile Upon your face

6. What If?

7. How you see the World

8. Don't Panic

9. White Shadows

10. The Scientist

11. Till Kingdom Come (acoustic)

12. Ring of Fire (J. Cash) (acoustic)

13. Trouble (acoustic)

14. Clocks

15. Talk


16. Swallowed in the Sea

17. In my Place

18. Fix You

My sister and I were too far away to really get any good stage pics, but you can check out some great shots from people much closer than we were and get the idea. Someone even managed to snag a video of Yellow...including the part where large balloons were dropped from the rafters and Chris managed to pop one with his guitar.

It was a great night...thankfully I skipped getting my glasses fixed to attend the show. (more on that in another post).